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About Us

I’m Robyn, the founder of Fallen Jewellery; I’ve always loved design & being creative in different ways. I started one day playing with different ways to make jewellery & fell in love with freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are what inspire me… 




What We Make


Artfully crafted and thoughtfully put together, each anklet has its own beautiful quirks and perks with the array of mixed beads and pearls put together.


Thoughts of slick designs, fruits and warm mornings our necklace collection ranges from fun to edgy designs.


Formed by oysters, every pearl is unique – perfectly imperfect! (and that’s why I adore them!) Their luminous shine and beautiful luster is gorgeous!


Mini Collection 




“Honey your soul is Golden” Collection


“You Are The Sun”       Collection


our inspiration


Inspired by European summers each jewellery piece is named after beautiful words from all around europe.

I want thoughts of exploring cities, salty hair, the smell of the ocean and the loveliness of local markets filled with fruits and foreign books to fill your mind when you experience Fallen jewellery.

With our newest collection i wanted you to feel a different side of Fallen bringing us into the darker months when you’re escaping the rain, feeling wind swept and wearing layers again.



What We Can Do


Custom Orders

If you see something you like and want a piece in a different colour or style, we can create a jewellery piece unique to you or your loved one.

Gift Wrapping

As lovely as we make sure our packaging is, we can add little details to make them personal for your loved one, adding notes or brown paper wrap and string.


If in the circumstances you have any issues with your jewellery, you can send them back to us for a free repair. Please note, you will have to pay for postage for us to receive the item.