About Us

Fallen jewellery


I’m Robyn, the founder of Fallen Jewellery; I’ve always loved design & being creative in different ways. I started one day playing with different ways to make jewellery & fell in love with freshwater pearls. Freshwater pearls are what inspire me to make unique, delicate beautiful pieces to wear. What I love about freshwater pearls is that each pearl is nothing like the other, they have different shapes, hues & tiny imperfections which I feel makes them perfectly imperfect. When I wear the pearls they give me a sense of calm and a little whisper of not being my biggest critic. They remind me as a perfectionist that the small imperfections are more beautiful than the finished piece.

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Robyn Elizabeth


thoughtfully crafted

Pearls & Materials


Freshwater pearls come from oysters that mature in non-saline water (from lakes or ponds, as opposed to saltwater from the sea). Freshwater pearls usually are not as round as saltwater pearls.

All our pearls are sourced from the pearl farms in China, near Shanghai. My supplier normally goes there in person and hand-picks our pearls. They have also visited the pearl farms (lakes) where the mussels grow and made friends there over the years. The farmers are all paid well and make a good life from producing pearls. Recent years tighter environmental law has been enforced to regulate the feed standard for growing mussels and protect the water quality. Even though the price of pearls have increased due to this policy. We think it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

I try my hardest to have the least waste I can and make all orders eco friendly meaning no plastic, recycled materials and easy to recycle. I live a mindful life for our planet and I am taking steps to be as sustainable as I can.

I use sterling silver and gold filled for all my creations with features of nylon wire for longevity in necklaces, bracelets and anklets. I also feature an array of mixed beads that have been repurposed from old jewellery to have a new life.

Designed & Handmade 

When I design my pieces they can turn out in a variety of different aesthetics due to my over excitement in the beauty of new arrival pearls or interesting beads I find or maybe from a poem I’ve read! I’m a very emotional person which makes this process even more special for me, once I create say a pair of earrings I have to later go back and either they’re everything I dreamed or a bit over the top giving me the time to tweak the design and create something full of love and beauty.

Everything is handmade and I learn new techniques everyday to make the best quality jewellery I can. I really value a slow lifestyle so all creations are made mindfully and with intention. 


What We Can Do


Custom Orders

If you see something you like and want a piece in a different colour or style, we can create a jewellery piece unique to you or your loved one.

Gift Wrapping

As lovely as we make sure our packaging is, we can add little details to make them personal for your loved one, adding notes or brown paper wrap and string.


If in the circumstances you have any issues with your jewellery, you can send them back to us for a free repair. Please note, you will have to pay for postage for us to receive the item.