“You are the sun” collection

“Livsnjutare” [lives-noo-tuhreh] Swedish – An “enjoyer of life”; one who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme.

Artfully crafted and thoughtfully put together, each necklace has its own beautiful quirks and perks with the array of randomised mixed repurposed beads and pearls put together.
Formed by oysters, every pearl is unique – perfectly imperfect! (and that’s why I adore them!) Their luminous shine and beautiful luster is gorgeous!
Wear a unique piece of treasure around your neck.

• Handmade to order please allow a week for the necklace to be shipped.
• Crafted with unique freshwater pearls and repurposed beads PLEASE NOTE that each necklace is made with a random bead pattern but the colours will remain the same. All pearls have variations in shape & hues so not one will be alike.
• Silver plated T-bar clasp. measures 17 inches in length, please contact me for different sizes.
• Beautiful, fun design makes them unique and perfect to wear with lots of looks.

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Blue & Green, Mystery, Pink & Purple