“You are the sun” collection

“Selcouth” [Sel-coo-th] Old English – Unfamiliar, Rare, Strange and yet marvellous.

Artfully crafted and thoughtfully put together, each pearl has its own beautiful quirks and perks.
Formed by oysters, every pearl is unique – perfectly imperfect! (and that’s why I adore them!) Their luminous shine and beautiful luster is gorgeous!
Wear a unique little piece of treasure on your ears. Can be worn alone, or stacked up with other earrings to create an interesting look!

• Handmade to order so please allow a week for them to be shipped.
• Crafted with freshwater pearls. This beauty has an interesting unique shape of pearl making it a statement piece. All pearls have variations in shape & hues so not one will be alike.
• Sterling silver hoop and pin.
• unique shape makes them perfect for day to night wear.

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